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Dominical Real Estate

Dominical Real Estate

Costa Rica houses for sale Costa Rica land for sale

A visit to Dominical, Costa Rica,  frequently results in the visitors saying, "I think I'd like to spend the rest of my life here!" (or some facsimile thereof). If you've been bitten by that particular bug, and would like to see what real estate is available for sale (property with or without houses) , then peruse the listings here to see what catches your interest. 

In an effort to assist the search, and to make it simple,  we have reduced the process down to the most basic units of real estate searching: Houses and Land. It is understood, of course, that you might be wanting a property that can also generate income, such as a hotel or a vacation rental. "Houses" will be a good place to start. Many of the houses in the Dominical area currently serve as income generating properties, and this will be noted on the listing information.

Quick Start

If you're fortunate enough to already be here in the Dominical area, we'd be happy to show you the properties that you'd like to see, and answer any questions you might have. Use the form below for a quick contact with a real estate professional. If you include your local phone number, you will receive a call and the initial consultation can happen promptly.

If you're not in the area right now, you have two options here for getting started with your search for Dominical real estate.

  1. Traditional - browse the listings and look for a property that catches your  eye. Inquire about the property with the form provided on that property.
  2. Non-traditional - use the form below to give the Dominical Dot Biz people the information that we can then use to do the real estate searching for you. We will then send you some information and links to properties that fit your criteria.

General Real Estate Inquiry

Your Options

If you would simply like to find out more about the general topic of buying and owning land in Costa Rica, this is the place for you.

I've passed the years since 2004 working in real estate here in Costa Rica's southern pacific zone and can help with the questions that you most likely have regarding the endeavor.

Please fill out the appropriate information be and we will proceed from there.

Any information you provide here will help me to help you. What purpose would you like to achieve with a property in Costa Rica? Re-location? Investment? Income generation that you can also vacation in? Rent out while you finish up plans, such as retirement or some other back home? Budget? Etc...
Optional Consultation Information:
If there is a property listed here on Dombiz or on another website that you would like information on, please input the name or link of the property.
If you have a visit to The Zone planned, please input the date here.
If you would like to set up a consultation chat, we can use Skype Name, Google Voice or some other.
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