Observations of a Longtime Resident.

What’s it like in Costa Rica’s southern pacific zone?

This site strives to answer this question.

Like many places, the only constant is change. This blog deals with what it was, is and guesses as to what it will be, like.

  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Environmental
  • Economical
  • Adventural
  • Philosophical
  • Lingual (Spanish)
  • Healthical

Dominical, Uvita & Ojochal are the 3 towns that make up the zone. There are named areas all around the towns: Bahia (commonly used to refer to Uvita and is the legal name.) Dominicalito, Escaleras, Lagunas, Baru, Hatillo, Platanillo Tres Rios and San Buenaventura are all names that you’ll see (in time).