About Costa Ballena

Costa Ballena is the name that was selected some years ago to embody what are essentially 3 towns along Costa Rica’s southern pacific zone. There is another Costa Ballena in the world.  It is located in Spain and they’ve got lots of marketing on the Internet (and elsewhere I’d imagine) so that people are generally looking for that location in Spain when they do a search for Costa Ballena.

The decision was made based on the fact that the name is extremely appropriate for this area of Planet Earth. Unlike the Spain Costa Ballena, there are actually whales off this coast most of the year. Really – come on down and go out on a boat.  You’ll see whales.

Op! I just realized that I’m talking like everyone knows what “ballena” means.  “Whale” is what that word means.  So Costa Ballena equates to Whale Coast.  You can remember this by thinking of what we English speakers call the fibrous feeding filter in many whales called baileen. Its almost the same as ballena. Well, thats how I remember it.

There has been a marketing push going on for the Costa Ballena in Costa Rica for a few years, and little by little it is becoming known by this title. So, we here at Dominical Dot Biz are joining in.

We’ll be putting up a section of the site that features members of the Costa Ballena chamber of commerce.  You’ll know if you’re looking at a member’s page if there is a Costa Ballena logo on the page.

The unique needs of coastal communities necessitate the formation of such a cooperative effort as Costa Ballena.

The coastline is made up of 3 small towns, all of which have attributes that you will no doubt want to experience in your visit to the area.

Dominical: world class surfing. Some of the biggest names in surfing like to quietly pass through and enjoy the excellent surfing here.  The town itself hasn’t changed much since this author arrived here in 1999. It has always pretty much been about surfing.

Uvita: Just down the coast about 12 kilometers is where life happens in Costa Ballena.  The services of life: doctors, banks, grocery stores, restaurants and shops are there. A number of whale, dolphin, fishing and island tours launch from Uvita. There are a number of tour operators there.

Ojochal: Is famous for a grand selection of restaurants.  Most visitors to Costa Ballena will end up sampling a cross section of the diverse culinary options there.

We here at Dominical Dot Biz are just getting started

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