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When we first moved to Costa Rica in 1999, my son Neil was 11 years old and my daughter Hannah, 15.  In those early days, after coming home from a visit to the town center, maybe to the grocery store or whatever, they would complain “Dad, why do they stare?” […]

The Joy of the Greeting

May 1, 2014 update: Well it appears that the Jo/Shelby magic is working. We setup an evening at Por Que No without making a reservation. They couldn’t fit us in!!! The place was packed with what appeared to be very contented diners. Costa Paraiso / Por Que No is one […]

Restaurant Review – Por Que No

The Costa Rican Casado
I know, fascinating topic, right? Well, for the vacationer to Costa Rica, it will actually enhance the overall experience to know the difference and can explain some rather bewildering events that can occur in one’s vacation to this second-world country (is there such a thing?) There are 2 basic types […]

All About Restaurants & Sodas in Costa Rica