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The Dominical area is becoming a center for “wellness” of various types. Yoga, meditation, vegan, organic, vegetarian, raw, are all words that one hears with regularity here. As I meet with people in my real estate work, I’m always interested in the “why” behind their interest in Costa Rica. The […]

Internal Dialogue: The Costa Rica Effect

There is a blended community effort going on in Uvita Costa Rica to make the town beautiful. The group spear-heading the effort has a name and even a Facebook page: Pueblo Alegre Uvita (click to view). This past Saturday was the third occasion of the community getting together to paint the […]

Painting Uvita Happy

Article is contributed by Jack Ewing of Hacienda Baru Eco-lodge & Tours There is a well known local story of how Dominical got its name. In Costa Rica we have many different types of bananas including plantains, cuadrados, guineos and dominícos. In Spanish a field of bananas is called a […]

How Dominical Got it’s Name

Why are we here? There are a number of reasons that people decide to move to Costa Rica. Put simply, here is a list of some of the most common: Retirement Simplify Disillusioned with homeland (economy, politics, stress, etc…) Weather Health Enrichment Retirees: The retirees are drawn to Costa Rica […]

Why People Move to Costa Rica