Life Evolves in The Zone

It is a well-known fact that the import duties, taxes, stamps etc… for bringing a car into Costa Rica are exorbitant.  They run somewhere between 50% & 70% depending on how new the car is.  They tax newer cars less than older cars, hoping that this will improve the quality […]

Cars in Costa Rica

Selecting a vacation rental in Dominical, Costa Rica can be a daunting task. If you peruse through the listings here on,  you’ll find that there are numerous vacation rentals to choose from. Although there are so many vacation rentals in the Dominical area, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that […]

Dominical Vacation Rentals Selection Guide

I’ve had one of those “that stuff happens to OTHER people and not to me” experiences.  I was beat up and left for dead by a criminal – hmmmm. I can honestly say that I never thought of that sort of thing as happening to me.  I’ve certainly read about […]

A Fascination With The Love

In the previous article, we established a couple points that help one stick with the formidable project of learning to speak a second language namely, Spanish. To re-cap: It is a huge project that will take longer than you think. It is hard for everybody (except for the extremely rare […]

Make as Many Mistakes As You Can

“The chance to have a second life in the same body.  A life immersed in nature, and immersed in culture.  This would be to get involved in what is here as opposed to what I had already lived”. After reading my article in Raven’s flagship Montañas al Mar publication last […]

Why Did You Move Here?