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Its hard for me to say that I have a favorite soda in the zone, but La Jungla ranks towards the top. Roger is the proprietor. He loves his work, and it shows in the quality of the food he prepares as well as its presentation.

I’ve had a number of resident expats tell me that La Jungla is where they go for the excellent rice and shrimp plate, so this has become Roger’s claim to fame. If you are a fan of shrimp. check it out. I’m not a huge fan of shrimp, but I will order it on ocassion and it’s great. Roger is very discriminating with his selection of locally caught fish & shrimp. I usually get the filet of fish casado, but he’s got a menu with various options so you’ll likely find something you like.

Roger makes his own hot sauce in house. If you’re like me, this is an important part of a qualified meal. He’s got bottles of it for sale if it tickles your pallete and you’d like to take a bottle or 5 home with you.

The casados and rice plates run around 4,000 colones (just under $8.00 at this writing). There are some options there for both more and less.