La Palapa

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Food Types 1, 1, 1, 1
Libations: 1, 1

Open: 6:30 AM
Close: 10:00 PM


Located between Uvita and Dominical on the ocean side of the highway. The entrance is well marked with their trademark blue signage.

This restaurant is part of the Cuna del Angel hotel. Both the hotel and restaurant are the standards by which the other hotels and restaurants in the area are measured.

A truly gourmet restaurant in the heart of all the Costa Ballena (Dominical area) has to offer. An excellent option for any hour of the day, with the preparation of their specialized chefs who are able to please even the more demanding tastes.

La Palapa Restuarant is open from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm. They offer breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktails and an exquisite and singular menu at night. The chef at La Palapa serves up a unique Maracuya (passion fruit) drink, as well as a pie that tingles the taste buds from all sides.

The Palapa, the central building of this unique hotel, was designed as an area of homage to local ancestors. Its architectural design was based on the “Boruca” traditional ceremonial dwelling, a symbolic expression of this Costa Rican indigenous culture. Its circular shape generates an idea of center projected energy towards the sky through the conic roof. The symbolic codes are mainly social and religious with universal elements, which mean that many ethnics around the world have similar concepts. Its eight columns where placed reminding the original ritual of our native ancestors, who used the sunrise and sunset as points of reference. The center of the first level has a mosaic that represents the Cosmic Levels of the local cultures: Earth, Sky, Moon and Sun. All around this circular space, our creative Chef will pamper all your senses in our restaurant. Come for gourmet dining with a selected choice of wines and awesome views. Good energy flows all over.